Scenario-2.3 Branch Office Network Setup – Configure Layer 2 VLANs and Spanning Tree

This is the 3rd configuration challenge in MyVirlLabs Scenario 2 labs based around setting up a medium sized branch office network.

In this the third lab we will be configuring a number of VLANs using one of the network’s VTP servers and then we will setup Spanning Tree and in a way that switches Core-1A will act as the Primary Root Bridge for all VLANs and Core-1B as the Secondary Root Bridge.

We will also optimize Spanning Tree timers by using the optional Diameter keyword.

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Scenario-1 Prepare a new switch for operation and remote administration

The Scene
  • Install a new User Access switch (UserAcc-2) into an existing small network topology consisting of a single Layer 3 Core Switch and one other Layer 2 User Access Switch.
  • The existing Collapsed Core and User Access Switch have already been setup.
  • 802.1Q trunks have been setup between the existing User Access and Core Switch.
  • Switch CORE-1 is configured as the Spanning Tree Root Bridge for all VLANS.

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