Scenario-2 Branch Office Network Setup

Scenario 2 will be based around building from scratch (using Cisco’s VIRL to simulate the topology) a medium sized branch office network that consists of two Layer 2 switches hosted in two separate Wire Closets that connect back to a highly available Layer 3 collapsed core switch layer.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 9.31.47 AMThe scenario will be broken down into smaller sub sections each focused on addressing various configuration scenarios starting with setting basic universal switch configuration items across the different switches in the topology, establishing inter-switch connectivity including setting up 801.1q trunks, Etherchannel connections, Layer 2 settings like VLANS and Spanning Tree, Layer 3 SVIs and HSRP configuration and so on.

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Welcome to MyVirlLabs – My First blog post


Welcome to MyVirlLabs. MyVirlLabs is a ever expanding collection of IP network configuration and troubleshooting scenarios built on Cisco’s amazing VIRL – Virtual Internet Routing Labs platform that I create and share to test one’s knowledge.

Throughout my studies I built a library of scenarios and topologies within Cisco’s VIRL to practice working with various protocols, functions and features that I could expect to be tested on whilst preparing for exams.

I later decided to make my topologies publicly available through GitHub and to document and publish the scenarios and necessary configurations through this blog in the hope that others may make use of them too.

Please feel free to share any thoughts, comments or even ideas for future labs that you may have..