2 Simple Commands That Could Earn You A Get Out Of Jail, Free Card

Working with Cisco’s IOS Archive and Configure Replace Commands

Get Out of Jail..We’ve all been there, it’s the middle of the night and you’re well into a network configuration change and then you get that call from your IT Service Desk “we’re starting to get calls…”. Now you have no choice but to roll back your change! But where to start, did you even remember to make a copy before you started?

Cisco’s IOS software provides two very useful commands for managing configuration files which improve greatly over the more traditional methods, which when used together can prove incredibly useful, especially when making changes within a Production Environment.

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Scenario-2.3 Branch Office Network Setup – Configure Layer 2 VLANs and Spanning Tree

This is the 3rd configuration challenge in MyVirlLabs Scenario 2 labs based around setting up a medium sized branch office network.

In this the third lab we will be configuring a number of VLANs using one of the network’s VTP servers and then we will setup Spanning Tree and in a way that switches Core-1A will act as the Primary Root Bridge for all VLANs and Core-1B as the Secondary Root Bridge.

We will also optimize Spanning Tree timers by using the optional Diameter keyword.

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Scenario-2 Branch Office Network Setup

Scenario 2 will be based around building from scratch (using Cisco’s VIRL to simulate the topology) a medium sized branch office network that consists of two Layer 2 switches hosted in two separate Wire Closets that connect back to a highly available Layer 3 collapsed core switch layer.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 9.31.47 AMThe scenario will be broken down into smaller sub sections each focused on addressing various configuration scenarios starting with setting basic universal switch configuration items across the different switches in the topology, establishing inter-switch connectivity including setting up 801.1q trunks, Etherchannel connections, Layer 2 settings like VLANS and Spanning Tree, Layer 3 SVIs and HSRP configuration and so on.

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Scenario-2.2 Branch Office Network Setup – Configure and Verify Inter-Switch Link Settings

The Scene

Following on from the previous Lab Scenario-2.1 where we applied basic Universal Switch configuration, we will now configure the inter-switch connections.

The Goal

A Static Layer 2 Etherchannel Trunk to be configured between Core-1A and Core-1B.

A Dynamic Layer 2 Etherchannel Trunk using LACP to be configured between UserAcc-1A and UserAcc-1B.

A Dynamic Layer 2 Etherchannel Trunk using PAGP to be configured between UserAcc-1A and UserAcc-1B.

The trunks between the Core Switches and UserAcc Switches should be dynamically negotiated with the Core Switches actively negotiating the trunks.

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